Starting a Business in ALABAMA

Some recent stats…

  1. Alabama has the 3rd lowest tax burden for business.

  2. Alabama has the 6th lowest cost of labor

  3. Alabama has the 9th lowest cost of living

Some trending business ideas in Alabama…

  • Clothing & Boutique Shops

  • Legal & Specialty Consulting Firms

  • Pottery & Art Studios

  • Reiki and Holistic Health Care

  • Specialty Consulting

  • Screen Windowing Installation

  • Nonprofits focused on homeless sheltering, homeless transportation to existing services, and professional caseworker services for the homeless

Business begins with unbiased strategic research and planning. At MINIMUM, one should be able to answer the following questions with unbiased research and fact-based answers.

1. What problem is your business targeting? Who does it now? How is this new idea better than the other responses to the problem?

2. Who are the customers, really? How do you convert the interested party into becoming a customer? Can you offer a product/service that creates a large following?

3. What roles/leaders are needed to achieve the answer to the problem better than the competition? What professional relationships are needed to seek the ever-elusive success some achieve?

4. What is the “break even”? How many customers are needed to pay yourself, others, maintain customers and hopefully to achieve a consistent growth in sales & market share?

Since 2009, has served many seeking to serve others in business. We come along on the exciting journey of becoming a successful business owner by offering various services and a network to achieve your vision! If we can assist we will. If we cannot we will be straight forward and offer our network to assist your viable business idea.

At, our mission is serving you as you work to start, or strategically plan, in your passion to serve others in business!

Reach out if we can serve your mission with our services.

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