Beginning The Next Chapter

I can not recall a time that change was not a common in my life. Perhaps the result of being a child of divorce created this? Or, more likely, I just get bored easily and am ever hopeful that good things are in store for me, and for you!

I adore change. Changing the furniture around in our home. The changing of seasons. Change is all around... all the time. Over the years, I have relished it while I served others struggling with their own life changes and transitions.

The next chapter of my life is a continuation of this passion for serving transformational change.

Change is, in my opinion and experience, the greatest power we have as humans. We are uniquely empowered to manage change in our environments by mastering the changes in our selves. Once we master personal change we can serve the world to change to include all in this great mystery we call life.

A life transformed is the result of facing the challenges of change with learned experience, strength and a great hope that all things are working together for all of our good. Even in the face of great challenges and troubles, we are able to still our minds and hearts and remember we have faced challenges before an we made it through. This is learned experience and it can be reconfigured, so to speak, to assist us move forward - hope filled - toward the challenges of change that most certainly lie ahead for all of us.

When we are ready to change and grow, we become co-creators with life and life becomes an abundant gift of joy even as we face challenges. IF, we chose to let it be so.

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