Enneagram Focus

Discerning the Catalysts of Transformational Change for Self and Service

Inspire is define as "to fill (someone) with the urge or ability to do or feel something especially to do something creative; to breathe in air, inhale." The Latin root is "to inflame or to blow into." From a Christian perspective, divine inspiration is given by the Holy Spirit to empower followers of Jesus to receive empowerment to overcome personality traits and "love one another"(John 13:34-35) and "encourage one another and build each other up" (1 Thessalonians 5:11). To inspire and be inspired, ignites our passion and purpose.

When one utilizes the Enneagram to discover their individual personality type and begin to work on their under-utilized intelligence center the catalyst for transformational change is discovered.

Here are ways each Enneagram type can face their personality barriers to face the challenges of igniting their own inner flame to serve other and self with a renewed passion and purpose in life and in business.

The results of facing these challenges as the catalyst for lasting, transformational growth and service of others for each type is summarized below:


Ones can focus on their Heart Centers to be more in touch with their feelings, values, caring and passions.


Twos can focus on their Head Centers to clarify the path they truly want to take.


Threes can focus on their Heart Centers to feel and experience what is their truest heart’s desire.


Fours can focus on their Head Centers to objectively align their hearts so they can discern their deepest desires and take action of service effectively.


Fives can focus on their Body Centers as a pathway to their Heart Centers and, thus, their deepest passion of abundant life.


Sixes can focus on their Body Centers to calm their heads and hearts and to access their personal potentialities for service of all.


Sevens can focus on their Heart Centers as a way to inspire self and others.


Eights can focus on their Head Centers allowing themselves to consider multiple ways to reignite their inner passion and abundant life.


Nines can focus on their Body Centers to come awake, aware, and alive to discern and discover what they most deeply want to do to serve self and others find passion in service.

The "Centers" of Intelligence: Body, Head, & Heart

Humans are unique beings. Each person has three Centers of Intelligence: the Head (Intellectual, or "Mind") Center, the Heart (Emotional, or "Spirit") Center, and the Body (Physical) Center. To face the challenges of transformational change and find increasing faith and abundant life, each type discerns ways to work on their centers. The result is wholeness, and a more integrated consciousness toward a humility with self and others and to be less ego-fixated (or "living in our flesh"). Over time, one becomes better able to access all three Centers and for transformational service of others and self.

It is more complex and challenging than stated in summary above; however, the ability to achieve personal and professional growth is always discerned when facing challenges over seeking comfort in the relationships we share with others and with ourselves. Greater "unity" is always possible but it must be "strived for" (Ephesians 4:3-6).

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