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From a "Pessimistic Life Out Of Fear" to a renewed life in recovery, we are "Passionately Living Out Our Faith!" This community offers a place to retreat, reflect, realign, restore, and recover. But, nothing worth having comes easy.

We have served hundreds, anonymously, in rediscovering their passion and purpose for living an abundant life by working their chosen recovery plan. We rejoice with you in the victories and we walk alongside as you work through the difficulties empowered by a community of support. 


For those of us in recovery, our renewal of self-discovery occurs as we face our fears and release the anger, fear, guilt, and shame of our past. This works by working your plan with a confidential, trusted peer/mentor to navigate life challenges with their experience, strength and hope as a compass for you to discover your way forward.

As certified peers & recovery coaches, we support and serve all persons in their chosen life recovery program(s). Real, lasting hope arrives when we "work the steps" of our chosen program(s) and remain diligently focused on unity, recovery, and service.


May the same serenity of an abundant life, despite life's difficulties, arrive for you as it has for each of us and our clients & network partners!

"This is ministry!" Lucy D.

Need help? Seeking a Certified Substance Use Disorder Recovery Coach? 

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