What is Recovery Coaching?

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"Your life is a sacred journey of self discovery, change, growth, movement, and radical transformation. By continuously expanding your life vision of what is possible you can see more clearly and deeply. When you begin to trust your intuition you take courageous challenges more effectively. We are all on a path and each of us are exactly where we are meant to be... right now. Fom here, you can only go forward in your life of recovery by shaping your story into a magnificent tale of personal triumph, of healing and hopeful courage, of great beauty, of learned wisdom, of power over self-obsession, and of human dignity, and of a selfless, unconditional love, Are you ready to be more fully you? NEVER give up growing, learning, and becoming all you are mean to be!" Reach out if we can serve you in your journey. is an interfaith-based recovery & recovery support organization operated by peers for peers. We serve persons with mental health and/or substance use disorders ready to more effectively managing their conditions and rediscover their passion and purpose for life! At P.L.O.O.F., we are dedicated to "Passionately Living Out Our Faith... in YOU!"

The unique peer relationship between recovery coach and client in recovery is initiated and maintained via accountability, honesty and trust. We are not counselors & therapists, nor do we replace your Sponsor! We are an added layer of peer care.


Recovery coaches & peer recovery support specialists are living in recovery and are serving clients with a focus on the client's goals for the future by; utilizing recovery resources in the community, relying on 12-Step recovery programs & tools, and delivering an incomparably compassionate and dedication to your individualized recovery support plan not found in institutions. Our services does not replace counseling and therapy with licensed professionals but is a service that uniquely enhances those relationships.


At, we have been cheerleaders for those seeking to recovery their passion and purpose fo life since 2009! Thank you for your consideration & support as we work hard to continue to offer judgment-free and future-focused program touted by SAMSHA as, "proven to be beneficial" for one's journey in living a recovered and amazingly abundant life!


Brad Ploof, BS, CRC

Founder & Managing Member

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