Brad Ploof, Founding Member

Master of Business Administration (student) concentration in Human Resources Management, 2020-2022, Columbia Southern University

Bachelor of Science in Christian Leadership & Management, Regent University, 2016-2020

Associate of Science in General Studies, Calhoun College, (part-time) 2009-2013

Academic Achievement 

Sigma Cum Laude graduate, Regent University, 2020

Sigma Beta Delta, Regent University Chapter, 

International Honor Society of Business, Management and Administration, 2018-2020

Dean's List, Calhoun College, 2009-2013

Professional & Community Affiliations 

Board Treasurer, Hands Open Ministries, 2020

Sigma Beta Delta, Regent University Chapter, 

International Honor Society of Business, Management and Administration, 2018-2020

Dean's List, Calhoun College, 2009-2013


Strategic Marketing & Management

Our mission at PLOOF.org is to "Passionately Live Out Our Faith" in your organization's mission. Our most utilized service as adapt to life and business with the novel corona virus "COVID-19" are a strategic focus on opportunity analysis, operations shrink management, and sustaining and growing people, processes and profitability despite market challenges.

A former Publix Corporate Purchasing director, (internally "DELI Retail Improvement Specialist,") Brad navigated the Great Recession of 2009, personally and professionally, by facing the challenges of America's worst recession in his life. He took it as an opportunity for drastic change.

Heavily invested in the real estate market of Birmingham, AL and managing a corporate portfolio of up to 50 retail business units and some 500+ associates he made a strategic choice to take his retirement, cut his real estate losses, and begin again. It was the hardest decision of his life!

In 2009 freshly retired from the corporate world and a 100% travel position in corporate leadership training, he was bored! He missed engaging with others to serve them as they made goals and began the work to achieve them. In this boredom, a book club began. Through this bookclub, Brad began to notice that many were holding a passion to work for themselves. Some were serious, others not so much. Most often these were dreams of childhood for those most serious. Brad offered to research their ideas and the market feasibility of those ideas as a means to serve those hidden dreams of others. The data assisted these persons to make their own decisions. 

In 2019, PLOOF.org celebrated a decade of serving others in their pursuits of data-driven dreams. In this decade, Brad complete his Bachelors of Science in Christian Leadership & Management (sigma cum laude) from Regent University. He continued to discern that a passion for people is the driving force of his life and his passion for data-driven strategy was a passion previously undiscovered.

Beginning July 2020, Brad will continue his academic passion at Columbia State University towards a MBA-Strategic Marketing degree. He also hopes to get his doctorate from CSU as well. But that is a couple years away. 


While a temporary reduction of hours will be available at PLOOF.org, we are committed to those we presently serve and will offer assistance in the future to continuing to grow our network of "Business-as-Mission" network.

Thank you all for your support as we enter our second decade of serving others! Please reach out if you need administration, leadership, management, or other business services assistance, and we will share it to our network with hopes of aligning you with those most suited for the challenges you face to thrive in business despite all challenges!

"When a person's passion and purpose align with an organization's mission, 

profits are inevitable!" - Brad Ploof


PLOOF.org LLC offers comprehensive services in areas such as:

  • P&L Proficiency

  • Human Relations

  • Marketing Management

  • Financial Management

  • Organizational Behavior

  • Business Ethics

  • Strategic Compensation

  • Leadership

  • Strategic Management

  • Business-as-Mission (B.A.M. strategy)

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